Questions To Consider About Smart Wedding Toast Systems

Photo: Getty Images Shes just kind of a breath of fresh air in my life. Shes just my best friend. I tell her everything, Scott told the publicationof the woman she calls Granny and visits once a week to talk about life and family and make dinner together.Scott saidSmith is her inspiration and that she wants to be just like her. And Scottsbond with Smith is airtightdespite the fact that Smith is actually her stepgrandmother. I dont really believe in the whole [idea of] family is blood, Scott said, considering the two are as close as could be. Shes getting to an age where I think, how much longer she might be here? I thought, how special would it be if this could be something she does at this stage. I mean, how many women get to be a bridesmaid at 92? For the wedding, Smith wore a blue bow in her hair to match the weddings denim theme, and rocked a pair of cowboy boots just like the other two bridesmaids. But unlike her younger counterparts, who threw back shots of tequila, Granny opted for ice wine to celebrate, according to CTV News. So how did it all turn out? Better than could be expected. Out of everyone in the wedding, she was the best of my bridesmaids, Scott said.

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